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Care Expert Reports

What is Care Expert reports and the benefit of getting Expert Care reports?

Care Experts act on the instructing clients behalf as Care Consultants and Independent Experts.

Care Experts advice the instructing client of any conflict of interest (actual or perceived)

Following assessment Care Experts provide a report on personal injury, medical negligence, fatal accidents and other claims.

The reports cover claimant's needs arising from impairments and loss of services as a result of the accident.

Care Reports Service cover the following areas:

  • nursing, personal care, domestic support (past, present and future) includes an analysis of the care needs of the claimant; an evaluation of the care supplied from the date the accident occurred to the present time and the costing of future care needs.
  • aids & equipment to include the capital, running and replacement costs of specialist equipment needed by the injured person.
  • An evaluation of the extra transport costs incurred.
  • An analysis of the miscellaneous extra costs caused by the injuries sustained, for example for heating, gardening, household decorating.
  • A description of the modifications, which are needed to make the claimant's home suitable.
  • Recommend rehabilitation to help the Claimant achieve maximum recovery and restoring independence
  • Recommend case management service where appropriate to help co-ordinate service, provide advocacy
  • Introduce a care package value the extra cost of holiday as a result of the accident
  • Miscellaneous additional costs
  • Value loss of services in fatal accident claims
  • Our service involves a Consultant visiting the Claimant in his/her home environment and carrying out a detailed needs assessment. We recognize the intrusive nature of this process, and our service is therefore always performed sensitively and with the utmost respect for the privacy of the individuals involved. We encourage Claimants to have their family members, if they wish to be present during the assessment.

    Following the assessment, assessment findings are analysed and a comprehensive report prepared. We also offer the following services:

    Follow-up Work

    We are committed to carrying out additional casework that may be required further to completion of a report as soon as possible. For example:

  • Reports updated as necessary
  • Comments following further medical evidence or witness statements.
  • Written questions answered
  • Addendums/supplementary reports prepared as required
  • Joint discussions and joint statements prepared
  • Attending and advising at Case Conference and settlement conferences
  • Desk Top Review Service

    This includes providing advice regarding a claimant's requirements on the basis of other available evidence. No home visit is necessary in this instance.

    Other reports

    'Critiques' relating to other experts' reports and schedules/counter schedules

    Provide Evidence in Trials

    Provide evidence in trials at County Court, High Court, Tribunals or Criminal Injuries Compensation Board if required.

    And the benefit of getting Care Reports from Care Providers are..........

  • Care Experts from Care Providers ensure that all instruction are undertaken with professional skill and offer value for money by providing a combined comprehensive care and equipment report.
  • Care Providers make every effort to deal with matters promptly, remain objective, impartial and preserve confidentiality.
  • Care Experts act consistently with their over-riding duty to the Court (CPR Part 35.3) and to maintain objectivity and independence when carrying out their instructions.